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About Me

 Jordan Stewart

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"As long as there are shapes, there's art!"  Jordan Stewart

Welcome to JStewArts! Studios          

My name is Jordan Stewart.  I am a  Cartoonist, Illustrator and Designer with a desire to add smiles and laughter through my art.  I love creating fun and and adorable characters adding a bubble style to my illustrations. Using a variety of art styles, I am able to create

fun and adorable characters, eye popping graphics and  visually appealing materials (book covers, posters, stickers etc.)                               


My Journey as an Illustrator began when I was 19 years old, sitting in a Graphic Art Design class at Radford University.   I had never had an Art Class in High School, so when I was given the assignment of making a 3D Typography poster, I accepted the challenge without hesitation (see the first page of my illustration link).  My Professor commended me for my work which inspired me to do more.   

My art

Inspired by the artwork of Studio MDHR,  Nintendo, Walt Disney and other illustrators, I have made it my goal to create graphic designs and illustrations that not only inform but entertain.  My style centers around a flat design, vector type imagery which is appropriate for children/family literature, logos, and advertisement.  My speciality is producing illustrations that align with famous quotes/sayings.  goes around as more of children illustration style.  

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Macbook Pro

My artwork is mainly drawn from my MacBook Pro with just the use of my mouse. 


Programs I use for illustrations or editing

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Rive animation

Thank you :)

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